Tell us your "Tail of Success"

Did you adopt from Infinite Hope or work with us on a rescue project? Share your story!

  • Amy Osborn
    commented 2017-07-04 16:31:18 -0400

    In the fall of 2009, I found the most awesome cat who ever lived on Petfinder. His name is Nino. He was in Brooklyn and I was in Cherry Hill, NJ, so I sent two of my Brooklyn friends to meet him at Infinite Hope at Hope Vets. They loved the big guy, so I drove up and adopted him the next day.

    Nino is the highlight of my life; the bright spot in all my days…my smart, funny, fearless, sensitive orange man. Adopted at 11, and now healthy, happy and energetic at age 19, we celebrate Nino’s birthdays with his Godfathers from Brooklyn. He loves gifts, and is always the first one to taste the buttercream icing on his cakes. He brings you his glow-in-the-dark ball when he wants to play fetch, and he keeps his roommate Tiger, who is half his age, from sleeping too much! He wakes me up every morning, exactly one minute before the alarm goes off. He is a champion at head butts. Nino is a refined gentleman at vet visits – he will not be intimidated! He is, after all, a Brooklyn boy, so he has to represent.

    Thank you, Infinite Hope, for allowing this Jersey Girl to take home your Brooklyn boy. Because of you, Nino was given a chance at a wonderful life, which ultimately brought an immeasurable amount of joy to my own.

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