ASPCA Grant Helps Infinite Hope Rescue Hurricane Sandy Cats


ASPCA Grant Helps Infinite Hope

Rescue Hurricane Sandy Cats

Through a generous grant by the ASPCA, Infinite Hope was able to rescue and rehome close to 40 Hurricane Felines. Sierra, Raine, Luna, Corey and Sandy shown below were some of the cats we were able to help.

Infinite Hope helped rescue dozens of cats and kittens throughout New York City after Hurricane Sandy. Through a generous grant by the ASPCA, they were able to receive the veterinary care and attention that they needed. Many have been adopted or are currently being fostered, searching for their forever homes.

Kittens Raine, Sierra and Luna (pictured left) were rescued after being displaced by the storm. After receiving veterinary care, they are now healthy and happy kittens.

Cory (pictured upper right) was a 3-month old kitten who was rescued from a flooded basement in Broad Channel, Queens.

Sandy (pictured lower right) was a one year old cat who was found cold and wet and starving in Brooklyn.

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A Tail of Success: Hurricane Sandy Rescue Leila finds her forever home

Although Malini Trivedi always loved animals, she had no plans to adopt a pet anytime in the near future, as her life as a graduate student was unpredictable. However, she jumped at the chance to foster Leila, a Hurricane Sandy survivor, as she deemed it a “temporary happy commitment.” However, it took not even a day for Malini and her husband Raj to grow extremely fond of loving and cuddly Leila, who would follow them all over their house. Leila became part of their family, and Malini and Raj decided to give her the stability of a permanent home. They knew adoption was a long-term responsibility and they made sure they were ready for the commitment. As Malini says, “Leila is family. Her soft, comforting and loving presence makes life so much more fun and uncertainties much less challenging. Thanks again to Infinite Hope for making all this happen. I would love to continue to foster other cats and kittens in need of a caring shelter, also giving Leila the opportunity to have new friends to play with.”


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