Bath Beach TNR brings 10 new kittens to Infinite Hope

One of our latest projects has been working with a colony caretaker to TNR a small group of cats in Bath Beach Brooklyn. The feeder of the colony reached out to us for help with TNR because he was concerned that new cats were beginning to show up that had not been fixed. We agreed to help with this project and hatched a plan for a small scale project of about 8 adult cats. As the work began to unfold we discovered this was a much bigger project

In the process of trapping we found that several of the female cats new on the scene had already had litters ranging from a few days old  to 5 weeks. The young ones were left in the mother's care as was is best for them and the older ones were moved in to foster homes for socialization.

Since the start of the project Infinite Hope has brought 10 kittens from Bath Beach in to our adoption pool. We are happy to report that 6 of these kittens have already found forever homes. We are continuing to trap in the area as there are more adults than initially thought but have TNR'd most of the colony.


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