I found some kittens outside, what should I do?


Deciding on the best thing to do really depends on a number of factors -- including the age of the kittens and the location where you find them. Kittens that are older than 8 weeks are much more difficult to socialize and they may need to be TNR'ed and cared for as outdoor cats. Kittens that are younger than 8 weeks can become used to people and adopted into homes, if they are taken into foster care and socialized. Alley Cat Allies has a great kitten progression guide to help you to estimate the age of kittens. If you find newborn kittens and you do not see their mom in the area, don't assume that they have been abandoned. The mom may be out looking for food and may be cautious about returning to the kittens if she sees you in the area. You can read more about finding newborn kittens at the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals. Contact Infinite Hope if you have questions or to see if we have room in our foster network for young kittens.

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