I can no longer keep my animal, what should I do?


There are different reasons why you may think it's necessary to look for another home for an animal. Keep in mind that finding a home for an animal can take time, so it's important to plan ahead and to explore every possibility. The first step is to make sure that re-homing is the only option. If you are moving, look for a new home that accepts animals -- there are pet-friendly landlords in every city. Even if a landlord says that pets are not allowed, it may be possible to negotiate and offer an additional pet deposit. 

If there are no other options available and re-homing your animal is absolutely necessary, the best place to start looking for a home is within your network of family and friends. Use social media and local groups that you participate in to post information and photos of your animal. In addition, Infinite Hope may be able to help by posting photos and a bio online. We will need several good-quality photos of the animals (good quality photos make a huge difference in catching the eye of potential adopters!) and a description of the animal, including age, personality, and any special needs. The animal should be up to date on veterinary care before posting.

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