faq_01.jpgOur foster network is an essential part of our work and greatly expands the number of animals that Infinite Hope can help each year. Some of our animals need a foster home while they are receiving veterinary care that will make them ready for adoption and others just need a place to stay while they're waiting for adoption applications. To become an Infinite Hope foster you will be asked to complete a form to provide more information about your experience with animals, the kind of animals you would be interested in fostering, and the length of time you expect to be available. Fostering an animal can be long or short term — as little as 2 or 3 weeks in a foster home can make a huge difference in an animal’s chances of finding a permanent home! Infinite Hope is responsible for all medical care for the animal and we can provide food and supplies if needed. Contact us to find out more about fostering or fill out our foster application.

foster.jpg"Since I discovered fostering with Infinite Hope, my life has been infinitely richer. There is indescribable satisfaction in helping petrified and sometimes abused cats become carefree, affectionate and playful little creatures that are ready for a forever home. I've helped over 15 cats now avoid living on the streets and all the while my home has been a warmer (and more hilarious) place. Infinite Hope will give you everything you need. If at any time you need to leave town or need a pet-free home, Infinite Hope will find a new foster home. All you have to do is open your home and your heart. It is so rewarding!"

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