Donate to Infinite Hope

Thank you so much for donating to Infinite Hope. We rely on the generosity of individuals to be able to run our rescue. Every donation goes a long way to provide care for our animal friends. We are so grateful to have your support.

Every dollar goes to our animals. Over 90% of our annual budget goes directly to vet care for our rescued and TNR'd felines. The rest goes to food, litter, equipment, and other provisions for our fostered, TNR'd and rescued animals. We are a small rescue group but very resourceful, so we are able to directly improve the lives of hundreds of animals each year.  Your donation allows us to continue our rescue work.

We appreciate every donation whether small or large because it all helps us pay for vital care. $5 dollars pays to deworm a kitten, $15 pays for a vaccine, $35 covers the cost of an exam, $50 pays for spay/neuter, microchipping and virus testing at the ASPCA clinic, $150 for all these kitten basics and $500 will support a whole litter of kittens being rescued.

Please make a secure online donation or send checks to:

Infinite Hope Services Inc.,

PO Box 23903 

Brooklyn, NY 11202                                                                                                                                                   




Who's donating

Maggie Chan
Tanya Krupat
Daphne Bernard
Riley Riewerts
Morgan Riewerts
Remi Chen
Abbey Steere
Ryan Condon
Jessica MacDonald
Irene Morse
Reiley Behrns-Miller
Stephanie Black
Elizabeth Hebert
Emma Everett
Ruoxue Zhang
Carolyn Spalding
Shelby Black
Diana and Will Winfree
Qi Ling Li
Tyler Peterson
Courtney Attebery
Tomoko Korenaga
Samara Seligsohn
Joanne Brandien
Maria Rozos
Rebecca Pope
Tomoko Hayashi
Allyson Wuerth
Desiree Nelson
Shannah Clarke